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HIIT. Training Guide

HIIT. is packed with 40 sweaty HIIT workouts guaranteed to get your heart rate up and a big burn going in under 25 minutes 🔥🔥

Most of the moves use just your own body weight, so you have lots of options even when you’re travelling or away from the gym 💪 I’ve thrown in some treadmill based workouts and some sessions using basic equipment like slam balls, steps and resistance bands because you know we like to keep it varied in the gym 💃

Plus I’ve made a little ebook for how to keep your HIIT sessions super effective and thrown that in too!

Available in any country.

Around half of the workouts can be done without equipment, but to keep it challenging the gym-based workouts require either light dumbbells, a kettlebell, a light plate, slam balls, a step or a box. For resistance band moves, the resistance band is always optional!

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HIIT. + Recipe Bundle

HIIT. + Recipe Bundle

Get HIIT. and all of my recipe guide ebooks, with 40+ recipes

More details on HIIT. and the recipe guides below!


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About HIIT.

A carefully designed guide built to get your sweat going in less than 25 minutes, with workouts that’ll push you no matter how many times you’ve taken them on before!

40 intense HIIT workouts

for a big burn whether you’re in the gym or out of it.

115 videos

of me showing correct form for every exercise.

1-2 progressions for any advanced exercise

to make sure there’s always an easier version if you’re still building up!

How to get the most out of HIIT training

summed up in an ebook with every HIIT. guide, covering how to have the best HIIT workouts and more!

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Sample Workout & Answering Your Questions