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Home. Training Guide

Train anywhere! Whether you exercise at home or just want a set of workouts for when you can’t get to a gym, this 10 week guide has you covered 😘

Home. gets the absolute most out of just a few pieces of equipment to help you burn fat, build some muscle and improve your fitness and movement.

All you need is a long-loop resistance band (we recommend the Peach & Orange Mocean band, and the Mint Blue if you’re looking for extra progress!) and short-loop resistance bands (we recommend the Peach and the Pink Mocean bands, and the Mint for that extra progress).

With a couple more things you’ll find anywhere (a chair, a wall, and something heavy like a bed for attaching bands), HOME. is designed to really push you for the best results possible outside of a gym.

Disclaimer: these workouts will definitely help you progress and challenge you even if your fitness levels are high, but gym-based programmes (like CUT. and MOVE.) are the most effective especially if your goal is muscle-building.

Available in any country.

Just buy here, download and login to the Aflete app with the same email address and you'll be setup!


~$48.60 / ~€42.50

Home. + Recipe Bundle

Home. + Recipe Bundle

Get Home. and all of my recipe guide ebooks, with 40+ recipes

More details on Move. and the recipe guides below!


~$56.00 / ~€49.00

Complete Home. Bundle

Complete Home. Bundle

Everything you'll need for super effective, fun workouts anywhere!

HOME Programme + Peach & Orange long loop band + Mint Blue long loop band + Peach short loop band + Mint short loop band + Pink short loop band


~$101.54 / ~€88.96


About Home.

Get an amazing workout anywhere, with exercises designed to push you, make you more athletic and feel strong with minimal equipment 💪

10 weeks of programming

with 50 unique workouts and optional light training for 10 more days

200+ videos

of me showing the correct form
for every exercise.

1 – 3 progression moves for every advanced exercise

so you can tailor the moves to your level

How to get the most out of your workouts

including rest times, rest days, injuries, nutrition & more

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Sample Workout & Answering Your Questions