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Running and strength training! Balanced to complement each other, and to suit your personal priorities and running experience over 12 weeks.

Our gym sessions are primarily strength and hypertrophy focussed, building a strong foundation of muscle across your body. Depending on the training priority you choose (your “Focus”), we might even sprinkle in some power and functional training to help you move a little more like a rounded athlete too. It’s up to you!

Our running sessions combine mostly Slow Runs with intentional Speed Runs to transform your endurance and speed. The distances and volumes will reflect your running experience and goals, so you’ll be just on the edge of your comfort zone but totally capable: even if you’re a beginner!

Plus we’ve got Running-Specific gym sessions: 15-20 minute add-ons to your workouts specifically designed to increase your running efficiency and technique.

And since HYBRID. factors in your training Focus and running experience, there are 15 different training schedules in total. That means as you progress or as your goals change, you can restart HYBRID. with a schedule just right for you as you grow!

Plus, there’s nutrition science to give you the essentials of proper fuelling to maximise your adaptations with HYBRID., including macronutrient targets depending on your Focus and training each day. Approved by the one and only Performance Specialist RD Renee McGregor, of course!

Available in any country.

HYBRID. strength sessions are designed for use in a commercial gym. The running sessions are designed to be completed outdoors but can be completed on a treadmill.

Just buy here, download and login to the Aflete mobile app with the same email address and you’ll be setup!

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