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Get back on track and in control of your fitness journey! RESTART. makes kickstarting a healthy lifestyle feel easy: feeling overwhelmed, low motivation and muscle tightness aren’t our problems any more 👋

The 8 week programme starts with functional hypertrophy and HIIT before we step up the progress and slowly introduce some plyometrics, strength and skill work.

Training smart means pushing your body but giving it the recovery and support it needs to change. In RESTART., we begin with 3 workouts per week and gradually increase the training time. Plus, 20 minute at-home mobility and recovery sessions will keep you loose and training properly.

That’s just how I and the elite athletes I’ve worked with get back to our best.

By the end, you’ll feel totally back on track, knowing you can rely on RESTART. any time you need it! 💪

Available in any country and designed for use in a gym

Just buy here, download and login to the Aflete app with the same email address and you’ll be setup!

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