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READY. is packed with 42 sessions across mobility, warm ups and cool downs for running, resistance training and HIIT.

The mobility sessions are designed to improve your range of motion and movement control, however you train. The warm ups will have you activated and primed to nail your run, resistance session or HIIT workout. And the cool downs and foam rolling give you more choices for stretching and taking care of how your body feels.

READY. is designed to be used with any training programme, since it’s an organised library of sessions for you to use and reuse however you choose. Plus, it comes with a PDF of tips for implementing each session effectively, so you get the full benefit.

So whether you don’t have much time and just want speedy 5 minute power sessions, or you have a little more time for developing your movement and charging up for your workouts, READY. will have just the thing.

Available in any country.

The mobility sessions in READY. only require a mat, so they can be performed at home, the gym or anywhere else. The warm ups contain sessions designed for a gym or for outside, depending on the session type.

Just buy here, download and login to the Aflete app with the same email address and you'll be setup!

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