Why Move.?

Q: What are the benefits of training with Move.?

Move. is built to make you look and perform like an athlete. No matter what your background is, by developing agility, explosiveness, strength and coordination, you’ll be amazed by what your body can do.
By combining elements of a number of training styles, Move. means you don’t have to choose between loving what you can do and how you look, or getting results and actually looking forward to working out!

Q: What’s included when I buy the guide?

When you buy Move., you’ll get lifetime access to the 12 week programme via the Aflete app, where you can track your progress and watch all of my exercise videos.
You’ll also get a PDF copy and in-app copy of additional content on how to get the most out of working out, which covers how to start as a beginner, rest days, injuries, nutrition and how to build your own training plan and individual workouts 😁
All of this will be yours for good, with no time limit!

Is Move. right for me?

Q: I’m a complete beginner to working out. Is Move. suitable for me?

Yep! Move. has been specifically designed to bring results for total beginners in the gym, all the way through to advanced athletes.
There’s a slightly different approach to how you’ll work through the 12 weeks if you’re a total beginner. I explain it all in detail and dedicate time to getting comfortable in a gym and with each of the exercises.
Every single exercise has a video of me demonstrating exactly how to perform it, so you’ll know what each move name means. There are a few more advanced moves, and for every one of these, I have filmed progression exercises which show all of the steps to get to the final move! 💪
Plus, the guide includes lots of extra information on my best advice for getting fit which will be super helpful for a beginner - it covers rest days, nutrition, injuries and a lot more!

Q: What if I’ve never trained in any of these styles before?

Don’t worry at all! This programme doesn’t assume you have any experience at all, but it also works perfectly if you’re already a ninja.
This is made possible by the progressions, which make each advanced move accessible, and also by the adjusting the difficulty of the remaining moves e.g by increasing the weight you’re using.

Q: What equipment do I need access to?

Move. Has been designed to get the very most out of a regular commercial gym. It doesn’t require fancy equipment that’s difficult to find. If there’s anything you don’t have, there are variations included for you 😊

Q: How do progressions work?

For any advanced moves that you might not yet feel comfortable doing, there’ll be 2-4 steps included to help you get ready for the final exercise. These prior exercises are all filmed and shown clearly, so you can see all the steps.
You can then just pick the most advanced step that feels comfortable, and slowly test out and move onto the next progression 💪
Exercises with progressions include pull-ups, pistol squats and dips! 💪

Q: Do I have to follow the programme as you have created it?

Not at all! The combination of the workouts into a programme is just a recommendation and shows how I would create an overall approach, but you totally don’t have to follow the programme. In fact, you don’t even have to follow the individual workouts!
Just feel free to use Move. however you like - whether you want to just borrow some exercise ideas, mix the programme into the rest of your workout routine, or go with the routine as I’ve built It.

Q: What if I can’t train 6x per week?

The weeks differ slightly, but generally, Move. is split into 4x 1hr sessions, 1x 35min session and 1x optional 1hr session per week (and 1x dedicated rest day per week).
Like I mentioned above, use Move. however you like. You can use it to train as often as you like - for example, some people just spread the sessions over a much longer period if they can’t train as often each week. Others just skip the 35min and optional session and stick to the four core sessions.

Buying & Accessing Move.

Q: How long will I have access to the programme for?

There isn’t a time limit! Once you buy Move., you’ll have it for good. Once you finish the programme, you can repeat it, refer back to workouts, rewatch progressions or use it to help you however you like!

Q: How do I buy the programme?

Purchase Move. here on my website and we’ll setup your Aflete account up for you on mobile. Once you download Aflete on your phone and sign into the account you created, Move. will already be on there for you, ready to go!
Buying directly through the Aflete app itself isn’t available at the moment 😊

Q: How do I access the guide and is it available in PDF format?

Once you’ve bought Move. from this website, the full programme is available on the Aflete app (iPhone and Android) using the username you created during purchase. There isn’t a PDF version, as the videos of progressions are such an important part of Move.

Q: Can I buy it in my country?

The guide is available for purchase in any country, and using any currency. If you’d like to be 100% sure before you buy, you can double check if the Aflete app is available on your mobile’s app store 😊

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time payment?

It’s a one-time payment. Once you buy Move., you won’t be charged again at any point.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

Regular card purchases (credit or debit), like for other online stores. Unfortunately, we can’t accept PayPal transactions.

Q: My purchase keeps being blocked. Why is that happening?

Your bank will be blocking the payment as it doesn’t recognise natachaoceane.com as a website you’ve bought from in the past. All you have to do is get in touch with them and confirm it’s you trying to buy 👋

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